Educational data science projects at Qualogy

I joined the Data Science team at Qualogy last November. The Data Science team's open office environment on the ground floor of our office building was entirely new to me. Since I was used to having my own office at my previous job, I was worried that this new environment might be too noisy.

But it wasn't a problem at all. In fact, being able to consult colleagues directly was incredibly useful – especially that first week, when I was still getting the hang of everything. I'd never worked with Scrum before, which is pretty much the standard software at Qualogy. Fortunately, no one minded that I still had to get into the swing of things and everyone was willing to help when I had a question.

Open atmosphere

The open atmosphere fits well within Qualogy’s open and informal corporate culture. Nevertheless, we work hard to find optimum solutions for our clients. When I first started working at Qualogy, there were several PhD students and the product owner had a background in academia. As a result, I was confident that there would be plenty of challenging projects for me to work on when I joined the team.

Recommender systems, deep learning

My daily work is extremely diverse and ranges from figure and results forecasting in a specific field to designing recommender systems that use deep learning. All in all, there are plenty of fascinating things to do in the Data Science team at Qualogy.

New knowledge

Over the next few months I plan to focus on my professional development by learning as much as I can from my fellow data scientists. I also plan on taking a course to get up to date on the latest developments in the field of machine learning. The skills I learned as a PhD student come in very handy in my new position, which gives me plenty of opportunities to improve my current skills and learn new ones.

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