Looking back on CES in Las Vegas

Last year, my colleagues and I won the ING Hackathon 2016 with an innovative concept in the field of international payments. The prize: a fully-paid conference visit. We chose the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which was held this January. In this post, I'd like to revisit the event.

On January 4, we boarded a plane to Las Vegas. CES is a leading international trade show that focuses on innovation and showcases the latest gadgets in the field of consumer electronics: from self-driving cars and drones to VR glasses and payment solutions. We spent three days soaking up all that CES and the city had to offer.

Working for a financial institution

As part of the corporate domain, I work on projects that add functionality to the online environment. This involves both back-end programming (Java, databases) and front-end programming (HTML, Angular, Polymer). I also consult on architecture decisions and help my team and my colleagues raise the bar even higher.

After winning the Hackathon, we went in search of a conference that linked our field of expertise to that of business and IT. CES fit this profile perfectly.


This was my first time visiting the United States and my first time attending a trade show as big as CES. It was a bit overwhelming. The sheer scale of things – from the trade show to the city of Las Vegas – was huge. CES has several locations in and around the casinos on the famous Strip. The exhibition itself was immense and I kept having to remind myself that this was just one of the many locations.

Responding to trends

It wasn't possible to see everything. I met with as many exhibitors as I could and attended sessions that were both interesting and relevant to my work. I quickly realized that everything at CES focused on what's happening now and what's going to happen next. I have no doubt that what I saw and heard will improve the way I respond to trends and ultimately benefit both Qualogy and my clients.

Tip: plan your trip

My expectations were pretty high before I arrived. But despite all of my research and preparation, I seriously underestimated the size of CES. If you're interested in attending a CES event yourself, make sure you plan your trip in advance so you don't get lost in the sheer magnitude of it all.