Looking forward to the Data Science Summit

The second Data Science Summit Europe will be held in Jerusalem on June 6. The event will focus on machine learning implementation, including Data Science tutorials and case studies. On the Sunday of the conference, I will present a three-hour tutorial on face recognition using two tools: OpenCV and TensorFlow.

The Data Science Summit Europe is expected to draw members of both the academic and business communities, which promises to deliver a good mix of state-of-the-art Data Science techniques and unique use cases. The attendees will undoubtedly be interested in learning more about Data Science. As an attendee myself, I also expect to see numerous thought-provoking talks from different Data Science fields and look forward to watching exciting presentations and acquiring new insights.

Rodrigo Rodrigo

Face recognition tutorial

During my tutorial, I will discuss the classical approach used by OpenCV and the more sophisticated, deep-learning techniques used by TensorFlow. I hope participants will be interested in learning about the mechanisms of face recognition and are willing to share the challenges they face. This will give us a better understanding of how the pipeline of machine learning can help us with image processing. I’m eager to hear the views of other experts on the future of Data Science and look forward to meeting many interesting people and having stimulating conversations.

An honor to be invited

Dato and Qualogy were two of the sponsors of the PyData Conference in Amsterdam last March. I had the opportunity to hold a tutorial at the conference and meet Danny Bickson, one of the co-founders of Dato. The following Monday I met him and his team in Amsterdam, where we exchanged ideas and contact details. We followed this with a Skype meeting to discuss a potential collaboration between Qualogy and Dato. During this meeting, Danny invited me to organize a tutorial for the conference.

Dato and Qualogy partnership

The conference was organized by Intel, IGTCloud, Dato and O’Reilly Media. Dato developed a Data Science toolkit for companies and recently entered into a partnership with Qualogy that focuses on mutual Data Science support in The Netherlands. As part of this partnership, Qualogy will deploy Data Science consultants to help with the implementation of Dato’s product and to advise clients on using the product.


I’m really looking forward to the summit and hope to learn more about the new developments and use cases in the field of Data Science. I also hope to learn about the business community’s interest in Data Science and which techniques they consider to be the most applicable to real business cases. I hope the fascinating discussions will teach me more about Data Science. I will hopefully walk out of the summit knowing more about Data Science than when I arrived!

Rodrigo: "I will discuss the classical approach used by OpenCV and the more sophisticated, deep-learning techniques used by TensorFlow"