My experience with Google Big Query

One of the main issues a data scientist faces is definitely: the manipulation of data in databases. Queries can be very complicated and because of the potentially big size of a dataset, the total time needed for a single task can be skyrocketed. You can tackle this problem with Google Big Query. Let me show you my experience!

Google Big Query is designed to perform complicated queries in huge data sets really fast. The complexity of the queries (e.g. RegExp) together with the size of dataset (e.g. in TB) is sometimes prohibitive for trying out in relational databases. Google Big Query claims to achieve small times when performing such tasks.


Discover the procedure I followed to perform a big query on Google cloud. I will also assess its performance in terms of computational time and user-friendliness. In the end I will point out some interesting and worthwhile results while I attempt a comparison with MySQL.

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