My first project at Qualogy: Smart Office

I started working as a data scientist at Qualogy Solutions in early January. The first few weeks were great and I was warmly welcomed by my new colleagues. I'd like to tell you a little more about my new job. 

As part of the data scientist team, my colleagues and I use advanced mathematical techniques to tackle complex information files. This is also known as machine learning, which basically means turning abstract data into something meaningful. This provides us with new insights and helps us generate forecasts.

Data science is all around us

Data science applications are all around us and are quickly changing the way we experience the digital world. One example of this is the personal suggestions you get after making an online purchase. Or the fact that your online search results are ranked with the most relevant link at the very top.

Producers carry out sentiment analyses on social media messages to determine how consumers respond to new products at an early stage. And banks monitor unusual credit card transactions to identify fraud as quickly as possible. The non-digital world is also changing. It will soon be possible to tailor healthcare facilities to individual genetic makeup and other biological markers.

Smart Office

My colleagues and I are currently working on Smart Office: the office of the future. We'll soon be relocating to a new building equipped with state-of-the-art machine learning techniques. We'll also be using face recognition to personally greet our guests at the door.


My team is a good mix of young, degree-holding data science professionals and experienced post-doctoral researchers. There's a great vibe in our team and I'm seriously impressed by everyone's creativity and expertise. At Qualogy, we work with the Agile method, which is different from the methods we learned in school. But one thing is clear: productivity has never been better.

My ambitions

Qualogy has great ambitions in the field of data science. I hope I can help expand our team over the next few years and that we continue to work in close collaboration with top universities in the Netherlands. I'd also love to set up lots of successful new projects!

Arthur: “There's a great vibe in our team and I'm seriously impressed by everyone's creativity and expertise”