Oracle Open World 2015: here we come

October 25 marks the start of Oracle Open World in San Francisco. This three-day event is all about Oracle, the latest products and releases, and networking with contacts from around the world. With the help of three colleagues, I will present QAFE at our stand and show visitors how it works.

I attended my first Oracle Open World four years ago with my colleague Steven. It was spectacular. I suddenly found myself in San Francisco, in a crowd of 55,000 people. Fortunately for us, we were able to meet the people from Oracle rather quickly. We showed them how we can convert Oracle Forms to ADF. Thanks to the contacts we made, we were able to start fruitful collaborations.

There are now plenty of familiar faces at Oracle Open World. It’s a great opportunity to network, meet new contacts and reconnect with old contacts. Like our client MentiSoftware. They were so enthusiastic about our work, they agreed to organize several get-togethers with us at Oracle Open World over the past two years. We’re sure to see more familiar faces at the Benelux get-togethers and the Benelux Night on Tuesday.

Op Oracle Open World 2014 Op Oracle Open World 2014

Simple ADF conversion

We’ve made significant improvements to QAFE over the past few years and developed an easy method to convert Oracle Forms to ADF through an accessible website. We’ll give visitors a live demo of how this works from our stand at Oracle Open World. Our premise is ‘seeing is believing’ in the broadest sense of the definition. If visitors are interested in what we do, we’ll also direct them to MentiSoftware’s stand. After all, a satisfied customer is the best type of advertising.

Four colleagues and some lovely locals

We’ll be taking two developers and two sales professionals with us to this year’s Oracle Open World. We’ll also be assisted by several hostesses: local ladies who know how to socialize the American way and attract customers to our stand. My technical colleague, Binu, will join me in presenting QAFE to interested visitors. Seventy demos in just three days may seem like a tall order, but it’s also incredibly fun and exciting.

This will be Binu’s first time at Oracle Open World. He worked hard on the MentiSoftware project and I’m looking forward to introducing him to the client. Two guys from Rijswijk at a huge American exhibition, who would’ve thought it? Qualogy is known for its Oracle products here in the Netherlands, but who are we in the U.S.? It’s incredible that, as a Dutch company, Qualogy managed to get its own stand at Oracle Open World. Pretty cool indeed.

Rokesh: “This three-day event is all about Oracle, the latest products and releases, and networking with contacts from around the world”