Over the moon about cloud applications?

Qualogy is looking for an Oracle Cloud Engineer to help the development team work on Oracle applications for the cloud. Why work at Qualogy? And what are we looking for in a new colleague?

Qualogy develops its own Oracle cloud applications and sells them to clients on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The development team you will join consists of six people and is part of Qualogy Solutions, an umbrella department that employs twenty-two colleagues. The teams work according to the Agile method in weekly sprints. This means there's lots to learn in a short amount of time. As Sales & Account Manager, I am your team's internal client. This means we'll be working together quite often.

We're looking for a team player We're looking for a team player

Team player

My colleague, Steven Sharma, works at Qualogy Solutions. "With an average age of twenty-five, you'll be joining a young development team with a friendly and informal atmosphere. We're looking for a team player, someone who can work with others on solutions. You get ten minutes to work on a problem on your own. If you can't figure it out, you simply ask a colleague for help. We're not looking for someone who wants to take home the glory of developing their own solutions. That doesn't match our team spirit. Your immediate colleagues are fairly calm and quiet."

Why Qualogy?

You'll be working for a dynamic company that values your input, which isn't something most major software developers offer. You'll also be given plenty of room to work on research and development and the opportunity to try new things. We organize lots of content-specific meetings, workshops and knowledge exchange sessions. You can also join two or more special interest groups (SIGs) that organize afternoon and evening sessions. These are fun and informal get-togethers that often include drinks and a bite to eat. At Qualogy, we value a pleasant atmosphere, which makes our business parties and corporate outings legendary!

Hopefully, we’ve given you a good idea of what it's like to work at Qualogy and the team you'll be joining. Interested? Read our Oracle Cloud Engineer vacancy and apply today.

Leon: “With an average age of twenty-five, you'll be joining a young development team”