Qennisdag: learning from each other

Our company organizes the annual Qualogy Qennisdag [knowledge day] for all colleagues. The point is to share knowledge and learn even more both inside and outside your field. This year's edition was held on Friday, June 19. Colleagues met each other at the office in Rijswijk for a day filled with educational activities.

Colleagues at Qualogy Qennisdag Colleagues at Qualogy Qennisdag

Some departments organize their own knowledge day in the spring. 

Three times a charm

I've attended three knowledge days so far. The first two times, a colleague and I presented about Fusion and the Applaud Employee Center. This time, in addition to presenting on the Employee Center, I also helped to organize the Qennisdag.

Fusion, Qafe webcomponents and Polymer

In addition to being one of the organizers, I also participated in workshops on the customization possibilities of Fusion, Qafe web components and Polymer. I also watched a presentation about visualizing data using Flickr usage data. The workshop on Qafe web components was particularly interesting. 

Want to learn copywriting? You can!

As one of the Qennisdag organizers, I conducted a survey among colleagues on the content and structure of the knowledge day. The responses were extremely positive and the day was considered very useful. Participants were most positive about the combination of technical and general topics, such as a copywriting workshop. The responses among external speakers were also very positive, which was great to hear. 

More variation next time

One area of improvement for the next time is to have more variation between shorter and longer presentations. The long hours spent in the presentation hall made for some uncomfortably high temperatures by the end of the day... 

Workshop Oracle Cloud products

Personally, I'd like to organize a workshop on how clients and consultants experience Oracle Cloud products. That would help me explain things in even more detail to clients!

Rob: “Our company organizes the annual Qualogy Qennisdag [knowledge day] for all colleagues”