Software Testing… more than breaking the app

It’s been 6 months since I moved to the Software Testing department. I was surprised to see the amount of work that goes into testing a simple application. It's not just clicking buttons or inserting data, there is much more to it.  It is really about verifying an application to make sure it meets the specified requirements.

Process of Software Testing

Just like the developer, the tester starts from the beginning. In the pre-development phase, each project has its own Functional Design. Based on the final version of the Functional Design, the tester makes preparations for the actual test phase, making testscripts.

Testscripts are a set of test cases for the application. They describe all possible scenarios. These testscripts are not only useful for the Test Engineers, but also for the application developers and management. They can be used as a directory whenever other test engineers are working on the application. Or when management needs to evaluate the testcases.

When the first segment of the application is delivered to the Test department, the test engineer wil run the testcases with the associated testscript.

Tester’s responsibility

A Test Engineer has numerous responsibilities, running multiple test scenarios of which the developer didn't think for example. He or she also has to give the final go/no-go to management about putting the application in production. It is therefore of huge importance to run every testcase as accurate and efficient as possible.


I want to conclude this short blog with a tip. After running all the possible scenario’s documented in the testscript, it’s very wise to run a full re-test on the applications flow. This way you’re less likely to miss a bug or overlook a missing requirement.

Gail: “I was surprised to see the amount of work that goes into testing a simple application”