Welcome at Qualogy

As the CEO of Qualogy, I welcome you to our company. From our offices in the Netherlands and the Caribbean, our 210 colleagues work on providing quality IT services. That is what the name “Qualogy” stands for. Our most important capital is our people, their experience, and their expertise. 

I want Qualogy to be experienced as a “people’s company.” Most colleagues here know each other by name, and the hierarchical structure is limited - you can just walk into my office. We are always investing in our people, in their well-being, in their educational opportunities, and in the general working atmosphere. For me, this is one of my most important responsibilities.

We work closely together in Agile teams. We work closely together in Agile teams.

Consult – Build – Operate

The premise of our services is: “Consult – Build – Operate.” From advice and development to implementation and monitoring, we work closely together in Agile teams with experienced specialists. On average, each colleague has eight years of experience with first-class Oracle, Java and other techniques. 

Client needs of the future

At Qualogy we look beyond the issues of today. We want to cater to the future needs of our clients. This is why we are always working on discovering and applying new technologies. We are now fully invested in Data Science so that our clients will work better, more effectively, and more cost-effectively in the future.

Technological developments are happening at an ever-increasing pace. In the future it will be possible to combine data sets for our clients in retail, health care, and the financial sector. Data Science will provide them with unlimited possibilities. We are working in this field together with the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science at Leiden University.

Passion for technology

Science, technology, and innovation are important to me and to many of our colleagues. Technological singularity is just one of the topics that we discuss and organize meetings about. This gives us energy. I want to create a working environment at Qualogy that is full of energy and where you can quickly develop within teams surrounded by motivated colleagues.

Discover Qualogy, where you can work on innovative projects for large clients in a positive and informal work environment. Are you energized by Oracle, Java, Web2.0, and Agile? Do you want to contribute to the IT of the future, in which Data Science will play an important part? Browse this website and discover who we are. Perhaps I will meet you in Rijswijk or Paramaribo!

Paul: “I want Qualogy to be experienced as a “people’s company".”