What an honor: I get to speak at Oracle OpenWorld 2016!

Oracle OpenWorld 2016 will be held in San Francisco from September 18 to September 22. This is the largest Oracle event in the world, and I get to be there as a guest speaker! I have the honor of explaining the Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service to attendees.

Let's start at the beginning. Everyone can submit a proposal in the hope of being selected as a guest speaker at Oracle OpenWorld. The process starts early in the year. I wrote five proposals on various topics and submitted four.

Months of tension

You have to wait until the end of July to find out whether one or more of your proposals has been accepted. Only a handful of speakers are selected per product from the thousands of international submissions. In my case, I was selected for the Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service.

This service allows users to quickly retrieve and review their personal data, which leads to valuable insights that can be used to develop new initiatives. You can also create reports and dashboards, visualize data, and link and edit datasets. There are only a handful of sessions about this service, most of which are hosted by Oracle Product Management. Exciting!

Het Qualogy-team op Oracle OpenWorld Het Qualogy-team op Oracle OpenWorld


I was notified in July. First I received three rejections by e-mail. I had completely forgotten about the fourth proposal, so I was surprised when it was approved on August 1. I could hardly contain my surprise and excitement!

Collaborating on business analytics

To give you a taste of what's in store: the title of my presentation is 'Collaboration on analytics in the Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service'. In it, I'll discuss the opportunities of collaborating on business analytics, which is often left as an afterthought. That’s a shame, because it has enormous potential and is easy to categorize and implement with limited resources!

Practical solutions

I will present realistic solutions that organizations can apply in practice. To do so, I'll use other Oracle Cloud Platform solutions as an example. I'll also present an overview of new ideas for the Cloud Platform and discuss the most important features that clients need.

Experience with ForceView

During the presentation, I’ll share my experiences with ForceView and Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service. ForceView is a method developed by Qualogy to align the human resources of a company with its strategic course. We started ForceView on the Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service. I'll explain how we tackled this during my presentation.

Preparing for Oracle OpenWorld 2016

I've been a guest speaker at other tech events in the past, but never at Oracle OpenWorld. To make sure I'm well-prepared, I'm going to focus on our own experiences and consult with colleagues about the relevance of the different topics and messages I want to discuss. I'll also have other business analytics experts review my presentation. When that's done, I'll work on creating a suitable demo.

Qualogy-stand tijdens Oracle OpenWorld 2015 Qualogy-stand tijdens Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Emphasis on cloud services

What do I expect from Oracle OpenWorld 2016? I attended the event as a visitor in 2012. At that time, there wasn't as much emphasis on cloud services as there is now. Cloud services are essential to organizations. That's where the innovation is. It's sure to be a busy week with lots of appointments, conference sessions and new products and information. It was intensive four years ago and I don't expect this year to be any different.

Legendary: the keynote speakers

The thing I'm looking most forward to is the keynote speakers. That's always a legendary experience in my opinion. My own presentation is also high on the list of priorities. It's a great honor to be invited to speak at the largest and most important Oracle event in the world. This is the undisputed highlight of the collaboration with Oracle and its services. I'm really looking forward to it!

Hasso: “ I had completely forgotten about the fourth proposal, so I was surprised when it was approved on August 1”