Working with engineers is addictive

I work as a DBA consultant, project manager and team manager at Qualogy. I manage, facilitate and coordinate engineering consultants, with a specialty in database solutions. It's still a rush to dive into a challenging problem and find a solution the client is happy with.

The best part is brainstorming about possibilities in a multidisciplinary team. The dynamism and enthusiasm of engineers is downright addictive. And you achieve much higher-quality results when you work in a team than you ever could alone.

Kindred spirits

Qualogy attracts a very special type of colleague – kindred spirits that understand each other's passion for the field. This is what I like most about our company. When I started working here in 2008, I expected to be exchanging knowledge with colleagues and growing together. And while this is true to a large extent, knowledge exchange doesn't come as naturally to everyone. Such is life.

Qualogy is a company where input is output. This means it’s up to you to approach your job with passion and energy and to reap the benefits. You get out what you put in. If you have good ideas, you will be given the means to turn those into reality. In short: this company gives you plenty of opportunities to fulfill your career dreams.

The fun company parties are an added bonus The fun company parties are an added bonus

Relaxed and cool

Qualogy is still a man's world, but I don't give it much thought. It can actually be an advantage, because men tend to be a bit easier to work with than women. I would describe the corporate atmosphere as relaxed and cool. The company parties and special interest groups (SIG) are an added bonus.

My tips for you

If you're thinking about applying for a job at Qualogy, good work ethic is extremely important. Make sure your knowledge is up to date and be prepared to grow. My application tip: read about the latest developments in the company. Qualogy offers plenty of opportunities to those who show initiative and know the direction they want to take.

Does this sound like you and do you have a passion for your profession? Then have a look at our vacancies.

Joanna: “Qualogy attracts kindred spirits that understand each other's passion for the field”