Working with the latest technologies as a software developer

I started working as an intern at Qualogy in February 2016. As part of the Data Science team, I was responsible for developing Internet of Things-related solutions. After my internship, I was hired as a software developer in August of that same year.

I first heard about Qualogy through a recruiter, after which I went online to find out more. On the Qualogy website I discovered that the company worked with the latest technologies, like the web-based Polymer, and that it invests heavily in data science. This appealed to me and made me realize that Qualogy is involved in some truly interesting projects.

Fun, no-nonsense work atmosphere

Our team consists of people from various backgrounds. Everyone has their own experience and expertise, which ensures a good distribution of knowledge and an interesting work dynamic. As a team, our goal is to become T-shaped employees. These are employees who specialize in a specific field, but also understand all of the other facets involved in a project. Software developers, for example, are Java experts who are also capable of developing web applications as well. They do so by developing a wide range of functionalities and exchanging knowledge and expertise. In short: we never work alone. Everything we do, we do together.

Maximum potential

Having worked here for a while now, I am convinced that Qualogy was a great choice. I enjoy working with colleagues, and this type of collaboration is encouraged here. I'm also given the freedom to try new things and to work on aspects that fall outside the scope of my job, such as project-related tasks in addition to development. I also have the opportunity to experience and contribute to all aspects of a project, which is a great learning experience and helps me maximize my potential.

Project: validating freight flow documentation

At the moment, I'm working on a project to validate the documentation of freight flows. This validation is based on country-specific legislation. Our goal is to increase efficiency for our clients by automating the validation process.

Great atmosphere and great results through collaboration

The most challenging aspect of being a software developer is taking responsibility for the entire project chain: from the initial idea to building and testing a product, all with the help of my colleagues, of course. We have a really good team atmosphere with a no-nonsense mentality. We keep each other focused on the Scrum process and on what's really important, but we also make time for fun. The collaborative atmosphere is great and we're all committed to achieving good results.