Rijswijk (Zuid-Holland)

Vacancy: Data System Engineer

Experienced IT expert. Specializes in setting up big data databases. Dedicated to rapid professional development and making a difference in the field.

What does this position involve?

  • Advising clients about data stack design (public and private cloud)
  • Setting up and maintaining large-scale datasets
  • Developing services using Hadoop, Spark or similar technologies.
  • Setting up and managing NoSQL databases, such as Cassandra, Oracle NoSQL and MonetDB

What do we offer?

  • The chance to work in a diverse, international team
  • The opportunity to develop personally and professionally
  • An above average starting salary
  • Good fringe benefits
  • Good career prospects

What do you have?

  • University degree in computer science, information science or econometrics
  • Experience with Amazon's AWS or Google
  • Experience building large-scale solutions
  • Good command of software engineering and statistics

About Qualogy

Founded in 1998. Now boasts a richly varied group of 220 colleagues in the Netherlands and the Caribbean. A pioneer in Oracle, Java, Data Science, Cloud, HTML5 and IoT. Scrum & Agile.

Interested in applying?

Call Rokesh Jankie on +31 70 319 50 00 or send an e-mail to career@qualogy.com​ and make an appointment for an introductory meeting.